The Emperor Wizard Of New Guinea
The Emperor Wizard Of New Guinea

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The Emperor Wizard Of New Guinea

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Deep in the night of New Guinea, by a pool at the base of a waterfall, there lives a wizarding tree frog.

He called me over to him without making a sound. He was holding a small bouquet of flowers and a tiny blue potion bottle. He held the bottle out to me, I drank it, and everything darkened slightly. I looked up to the sky and found the stars to be shining brighter than I ever imagined, glowing and moving and speaking to me. It felt like a light language.

When I looked back down at the land I saw hundreds of glowing blue orbs floating above the ground, tiny animal souls suspended and scattered, ready to incarnate here. The stars were screaming loud to my ears now.

I looked down at my hands and saw that the frog was situated between two of my fingers. He began grinding up the tiny flowers, mixing them into a potion into my palm and then led me back to the waterfall's base. He hopped down to scoop a small bowl of water out of the pool, placing it on a tiny fire. Without speaking he explained to me about how he treats water with fire to make medicines.

Tilting my hand over the bowl, he poured the plant mixture into it and began mixing it with a whisker. I wondered why he had to use animal parts. He explained that in our world of form we use spit in a vile to access our ancestry, this method was 'much the same'. Typically using parts that have been shed; fur, feathers, antlers, claws.. He said, "DNA is but a spiral ladder to the stars, a way to get back to where we came from."

He finished concocting and poured his medicines into the pool, reuniting the water with its source to provide healing to all of the animals who drank from it.

1.6” x 2.5”

This is one of 111 limited edition giclée reproductions printed on satin paper cut to 4" x 4". All giclées come individually numbered and signed.

All reproductions are to the scale of the original painting.