I offer custom landscapes, flowers, spirit animals, and Petite Pet Portraits starting at $250. If you're interested in a Petite Pet Portrait, I'll need you to provide a photograph as a reference. Before choosing your photo, please read the guidelines below the contact form. Thank you!

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Petite Pet Portrait Photo Guidelines:

High quality photos are SO appreciated. It really helps me nail down the details and unique qualities of your pet, especially if you're going with a head shot style portrait!

If you are taking the picture outside, make sure your pet is either in complete shade or in unobstructed sunlight (no dappled shadows from trees). Inconsistencies in lighting can make a grey spot on your cat appear white or a brown spot on your pup appear black. 

Sending many pictures can help me envision what your pal looks like at different angles, but please keep in mind the painting will ultimately be based on ONE photo. Make sure you choose and specify which one that is. If you're having trouble deciding, I can give you some insight; just message me and we'll talk it out 😊

The photo provided will be a direct reference for the painting. The position you'd like to see your pet painted in, should be just how you capture your furry friend in the photograph. If the photo is at an untraditional angle, the portrait will reflect that. I've found that it's best to have your animal companion seated, standing or laying on a flat surface. Furniture can be tricky. If your pup is on the couch or bed with his/her legs dangling off of the front, that position limits the settings I can paint him/her into. BUT if your pet has a favorite chair he/she just loves sitting on, go for it and I can include it in the portrait! 

If you'd like one painting with multiple pets it is very helpful to have a photograph of the two of them together. This helps me get an idea of their relative sizes. It's also a good way to ensure that the same perspective is maintained within the painting. 

Thank you!