I paint miniature watercolors; portals offering glimpses of the
delicateness and majesty of life.

We are so bombarded with imagery in our society today. The
experience is often unpleasant and rarely consensual. I think
it can force us into a state of vague disconnect. The charm
of tiny art is that you can only fully observe the content of
each piece by focused choice.

When you choose to look closely at “the other”, you allow
yourself to develop new understandings, strengthening
compassion and empathy, expanding the space where the
self and the other overlap.

I choose to focus my art primarily on wildlife in our natural
world. The gorgeous landscapes of this violent, magical
planet are an honor to behold. The global
environment is hanging in a delicate balance and it is within
our power to preserve the gift of life.

The polarity of connecting to distinctive aspects of nature on
a personal level is that we can realize our total unity while
simultaneously feeling our smallest. My art aims to call
attention to the fragility of life, the importance of choice, the
value of connection, and the potentiality of the tiny.

I hope this work deepens your connection with life in all of its
forms, and helps remind us that tiny choices can have a
big impact.

Jaimee Lee


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